Keynote Speakers

The organising  Commitee of  the 3rd  EADMT  Conference  "Crossing  borders  and  the In-Between.  DMT at  the Leading  Edge"  is   happy  to  announce  our  Keynote Speakers:

Dr Marina Rova is a dance movement psychotherapist, trainer and researcher based in London, UK. Specialist clinical populations include older adults and dementia services, adult mental health and perinatal and family services. She holds a practice-based PhD on kinaesthetic empathy combining the fields of dance movement psychotherapy, phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience. She is passionate about developing embodied practice interventions within research and service development for the health sector and community interest projects. She is also involved in independent consultancy work delivering bespoke training offering specific guidance in embodied reflective practice. 

Moving toward 'new lands': Transforming embodied knowledge in the 21st century

As a Greek who emigrated to the UK, a dance movement psychotherapist working in diverse clinical settings and a researcher developing novel approaches towards embodied knowledge production, Dr Marina Rova has been crossing borders for 20 years. Building on autobiographical, clinical and research insights Dr Rova will discuss borders not only as places of definition of otherness but as potential spaces for transformation. Her paper will propose interdisciplinarity as an important approach to fostering dialogic process and thus a form of reconciliation and integration.

Elena Mignosi is  Professor in  General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Palermo where she teaches Theories, strategies and education system; Expressive-body languages methodologies and techniques; Body Pedagogy;  Pedagogy of music. She has a degree in Family therapy and she is dance-movement therapist APID.

She has a long experiences on training of trainers, educational and social workers in various contexts
About DMT, she has written numerous books and articles, among which: La danzamovimento terapia nella formazione dei formatori (2008); La Danza Movimento Terapia  nella prevenzione del disagio esistenziale dei giovani adulti (2010);  Per una valutazione qualitativa nella mediazione corporea (2012); Se raconter à travers la dansemouvement-thérapie: un parcours de formation pour des jeunes futurs formateurs  (2016); Dance Movement Therapy in Educational Training for Intercultural Experiences (2017)

 Bridges Between People: the Nonverbal  Mediation  in an Intercultural Perspective