requirements for membership

To apply for Professional Full member status as a national professional DMT association the following evidence is required:

1. The National Association has established:

1.1 Statutes

1.2 Rules of Procedures

1.3 Ethical Code for DMT practitioners

1.4 Continuous Professional Development and training for DMT practitioners

2. Association minimum requirements for professional DMT practitioners include:

2.1 Training:

2.1.1 Completion of a coherent DMT training programme (minimum Second Cycle / Masters level or equivalent standard) (Definition of European educational terms at following website:

2.1.2 Minimum programme length 2 years

2.1.3 Programme covers:

      • DMT skills (e.g. therapeutic uses of dance & movement interventions; relationship contracting and building; therapeutic leadership)
      • DMT theory (e.g. human development; psychopathology; social & cultural contexts; group processes; mind/body approach)
      • Movement observation skills (e.g. movement analysis system/s;
        movement profiling; creating DMT goals)
      • Research skills and reflective practice (e.g. refining enquiry;
        collecting & critically analyzing evidence; presenting conclusions)


2.2 DMT Internship:

2.2.1 DMT clinical practice / internship of minimum 300 hours:
includes a minimum 100 hours DMT sessions (e.g. within psychiatry,
education, social settings) and 200 hours professional duties (e.g.
alongside other professionals, attending meetings, client reviews and writing records) within the internship.

2.2.1 Supervision -minimum 100 hours. (recommendation that these hours
include experience of both individual and group supervision)

2.3 Personal therapy: is an official requirement by the national association to become a professional member or practice DMT.

3. Association procedures & criteria for:

3.1 registering professional practitioners who fulfill minimum EADMT requirements

3.2 recognizing professional trainings (see 2. above)

4. Commitment to the aims of EADMT, payment of required fee/s, and agreed financial support for the national association’s official European delegate to carry out EADMT business.


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  application form: Full Professional Membership