professional dmt training

EADMT statement/caveat regarding Member National Associations training programmes

EADMT Training Standards 2017 have been adopted by all EADMT Members, and all training institutions in their respective countries, both private and state, have been encouraged to meet these Standards.  It is work in progress and when applying to study in one of the programmes identified by Member Associations it is advisable to make contact with the institution to ascertain whether they meet EADMT Standards (link to EADMT Training Standards).  Prospective students should also make contact with their National DMT Association – the DMT professional body in their country – to enquire as to the level of recognition or accreditation of a training programme.  

Please Note:  At this time EADMT does NOT accredit any DMT training programme in Europe or beyond. EADMT has set the Standards as guidelines for each National Association to follow as best as possible, given the constraints they might face in their respective country.