training standards criteria

EADMT Training standard Criteria  are adopted  by  EADMT  General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain,  October 2nd, 2017.

The EADMT has reached a consensus with their Training Standards Working Group following consultation with all Full Professional Members of EADMT. The aim of this consultation, since 2012, has been to ensure a minimum level of training standards criteria applicable to Dance Movement Therapy programs across Europe, specifically to meet best practice and achieve high quality European DMT practitioners. As DMT is taught in private and university educational institutions EADMT wishes to support both types of organisations to ensure they work towards adoption of the agreed standards by 2020. Where an institution is halfway through the training programme of a student cohort, it is understood that the new standards will be adopted with any new intake from 2020 onwards.

The intention is that Full Professional EADMT Members will both meet and evidence these agreed minimum standards regarding their national accredited and/or recognised DMT training programs. The EADMT aspires for all Members to work towards these minimum standards from 2020, and will encourage and support Full Basic Members and Associate Members in their efforts to grow the DMT profession in their countries.

To help Member Associations and Training Institutions with the process of bringing their DMT programmes up to speed with EADMT standards the TS Working Group provides the full Document of the adopted standards and. also, a condensed version of ECTS user’s guide to be used in conjunction with EADMT criteria.


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