what is?

EADMT is an umbrella organization for the professional DMT Associations in Europe

The European Association of Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT) represents national professional Dance Movement Therapy associations in Europe, working actively to promote their further development of professional practice and the legal recognition of the profession. The EADMT insures and promotes the quality of Dance Movement Therapy practice and trainings in Europe for the protection of clients, professionals and institutions. The EADMT aims to nurture mutual respect of diversity and to foster exchange and collaboration between Member countries.

Each Member Association of EADMT votes two senior DMTs to act as their Delegate and Deputy Delegate. Delegates represent their national Association at EADMT and represent EADMT at their national Association. Deputy Delegates take over the Delegate’s responsibilities in the event of absence.

The Board Members, Ethics Committee and Membership Committee are elected among the Delegates. General Assemblies take place annually, hosted by DMT National Associations – EADMT members. Through the year, Delegates and Deputies participate in Working Group meetings and promote EADMT business on Communication, Conference Organisation, Global Affiliation, Research, Professional State Recognition and Training Standards issues.