Research working group

Mission for EADMT research group

connect – create – collect – exchange – collaborate

The aim of the EADMT research group is to support and promote knowledge development in the field of DMT.  The EADMT research group seeks to encourage research in and for the field of DMT.

The activities of the EADMT research group seek to connect interested parties and offer opportunities for networking and dialogue on research for DMT professionals.

The EADMT research group seeks to support communication among DMT researchers and provide peer-support among them.

EADMT research group aims at contributing to the circle of knowledge development on DMT related topics by

  • supporting EADMT members on their collaboration on European projects to create knowledge,
  • Adopting available knowledge by offering access to and distribute available research resources.
  • Participating in the scientific committee for the bi-annual conference by reviewing calls and conference submissions.