2015 General Assembly and International Workshop Day In Budapest


We had a wonderful, enriching and successful series of events on the first weekend of October:
the Hungarian Association of Movement and Dance Therapy hosted the 2015 GA of EADMT in Budapest and organized a full-day international workshop on the previous day of the event.
This colorful workshop day proved to be a perfect warm up for the following GA meetings. We had 4 wonderful workshops held by the following DMT professionals:

Jeannette MacDonald (Amazon Journeys. Building Resilience in Palliative Care through DMT interventions), Julia Morozova, Irina Biryukova, (Dances of the Moon: exploration of femininity in Dance&Movement Therapy groups for women), Susanne Bender (A Phase Model of Growth in DMT) Márta Merényi, Katalin Vermes Experience and Movement – Me and the Other. Hungarian PMDT in practice),

We would like to thank again everyone who came, experienced and shared this wonderful day with us, and thank especially the workshop leaders for offering these wonderful experiences for us. It was so good being, moving and dancing together!

During the two days of 2015 GA we had important discussions, approved several reports, worked together as a group and as well in working groups. We highlighted the possibility of uniting our communica-tion and professional strengths and discovering the common points of our national training standards to-wards European-level cooperation. Started new projects and listened to many valuable contributions not only from European delegates and observers, but also on behalf of our colleagues arriving from outside Europe. We are happy that we were present in such a great number, with almost 40 people!

These occasions are always special… We can strengthen our bonds even beyond professional rela-tionships; we can share ideas, opinions and knowledge and – what is almost more important - spend some really good times together!
Our aim and desire as Hosting Association was to learn and gather experiences by discovering the diversity of working methods. Hope we could share with you a little bit of our world too: our professional method, cultural heritage and home country.

It was great dancing together and enjoying Hungarian food in a restaurant, sharing laughter and nice moments.

Thanks for coming to Budapest, hope to see you all soon in


Text: Barbara Szécsi, Photos: Gábor Fejér, Layout: Krisztina Petka