Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting 2011, Prague


European Association Dance Movement Therapy

Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting

Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Malostranské nám.13, Praha, Czech Rep.

October 15th Saturday (10.30 am– 6.30 pm) & 16th Sunday (10.30 am– 6.30 pm)

10.30 a.m. Opening Chacian Circle

Present: See list of attendees, total number 30, representing 14 countries

Apologies: representatives of Ukraine and Denmark, plus delegate from Poland, the deputy

delegate from France, The Nederlands, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Russia. Observers Sabine

Koch, Bonnie Meekums, Helen Payne and Vicky Karkou

Agenda Items:

 Welcome by the host – Klára Čízková on behalf of TANTER- Ceska asociace tanecni a

pohybove terapie, Prague

 Welcome by the President of the EADMT– Susan Scarth

 Agreed Chair of Meeting – Susan Scarth

 Agreed Minute Taker – Antonella Monteleone

 Agreed Vote Recorders - Susanne Bender (Germany) and Céline Butté (UK) -

Voting rights:



 Introduction of people present. President Susan Scarth thanks the host Klara and the

Czech team for their work in preparation for our first General Assembly meeting since

inauguration in Munich 2010.

 Welcome address from President

Susan’s introductory speech describes how through this first year the Board has been growing into

its responsibilities toward the newborn EADMT. It is a work of patience, excitement and joy to

witness the emerging richness, whilst also being the result of a lifelong passion that has its own

burdens and gravity, just like becoming a parent. She remembers the process of becoming a DMT

as a process of learning, growing, reflecting, growing some more, a life-long commitment. The

EADMT is representative of the function of parenting the development and growth of this

profession across Europe.

Susan presents the Agenda items with times for group sharing through movement, debate and

proposals from the GA.

She reminds the meeting of the aims of the GA:

a) To consolidate and collaborate across Europe

b) To celebrate the EADMT community

c) The Board to inform Assembly of their work undertaken on behalf of the EADMT Members

d) To listen and reflect on Members’ needs and ideas

e) To develop the DMT profession in Europe

f) To strengthen links between Members

g) To foster new Membership

and Susan depicts the aims of the Board at the present moment:

a) To support training standards & development - working group

b) To explore paths towards Professional Recognition - working group

c) To make preliminary preparation for European DMT Conference

 Reports from the Board

The Secretary Antonella Monteleone reports that The Board have met 5 times since Inaugural

Meeting in Munich.

Briefly, the places, main topics and results of each encounter are as follows:

1. Munich October 25th - 26th, 2010 - The Board agreed roles, proposed 4 working groups,

welcomed new delegates from Italy, Greece, Latvia and UK, and set the first targets.

2. November 2010 The Board met on Skype – agreed communication protocol between the

members of The Board and between The Board and the public.

3. Milan March 5th - 6th, 2011 – The Board addressed Bank and financial issues, roles and

responsibilities of The Board, notices and communications to Members, establishing

working groups protocol and procedures, create website and logo, organise next GA.

4. Edinburgh September 2nd - 4th, 2011 - finalising Membership Renewal Request form,

addressing new applications for EADMT membership, clarifying financial system, website

project and logo

5. Prague October 14th 2011 - arranged next Board meeting for March 2012 in Athens; agree

on notices on web page, Board job descriptions, roles and responsibilities; agree to not

employ administrative support at his time; agree on some actions for the Research

Working Group; discuss and approve the application of Ukraine and Sweden and set a

proposal for the GA to approve a system for funding new memberships; plan actions for

developing and updating appropriate links and info on webpage; plan actions for Financial


 Approval of Constitutional and Inaugural Meeting Minutes ( Munich, 2010)

The Constitutional Meeting Minutes is ADOPTED by 21 votes for, 0 against, 0 abstained

 Approval of Agenda (Germany reminded Board that approval by GA is required).

RESULT: 21 approved - Show of hands

 Approval of Financial Report. Nina presented Report. Suggestions made about how

this should be created. Nina agreed to look at it again and present improved version with

Minutes when they are sent to Members.


 Approval of New Memberships

1. Ukraine’s Membership level - the President presented the result of the application procedure for


The BTD (Susanne Bender, German Delegate) offered support to Ukraine to assist with the

membership fee so that they can reach Full Basic Membership.

The Board welcomed BTD’s suggestion to create a Membership Support Fund (MSF) for

Associations struggling financially. An MSF would be open for any Member to apply for financial

help with the annual membership fee.

PROPOSAL: The Board proposed that Ukraine is invited to take up Full Basic Membership of

EADMT and invites Ukraine to apply to the Membership Support Fund if needed in 2012.

RESULT: Ukraine Membership as Full Basic is adopted by 21 votes for, 0 against, 0 abstained

ACTION: President to write and inform Ukraine of the GA’s decision

PROPOSAL: The Board proposed establishment of the Membership Support fund (MSF).

RESULT: Membership Support Fund (MSF) is adopted by 21 votes for, 0 against, 0 abstained

ACTION: The Board to write to all members and inform them of the establishment and existence of

the MSF.

2. Sweden’s application for Membership - the President reported on the discussion within The

Board regarding Sweden’s application for Full Professional Membership.

PROPOSAL: After examination of the submitted documents the Board proposed that the GA

accept Sweden as Full Basic Member.

RESULT: Sweden’s Membership as Full Basic is adopted by 21 votes for, 0 against, 0 abstained


a). The Board will inform Sweden of the vote and invite them to become Full Basic Members.

b). The Board, in the person of Nina Alcalai and the Training and Standards Working Group, will

offer Sweden support to reach Full Professional Standards.

 Open questions and discussion

Each participant offered his/her contribution to the work meeting with some questions,

observations and reflections relevant to him/her.

- Russia asked for a mutual reflection on the advantages for an individual to be a registered

professional of a National DMT Association that is recognised at a Full Professional level in

Europe. They raised the hope of promoting procedures for mutual recognition across the different

countries so as to facilitate the process of practitioners being able to register with European

Associations to support their work across borders.

- The Nederlands asked to reflect and recognise the Full Professional level as one that could and

would be reached by every DMT organisation within Europe.

- Greece spoke of the importance of mutual recognition as a basis to build common professional

standards and points out how this seems to be a cultural process.

- Czech Republic looks forward to developing work to inform the legal apparatus, States and

Government bodies of the purpose of EADMT.

- Many contributions from The Nederlands, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic stress the importance

and the potential advantages of links and connections that offers a mutual recognition in our

DMT professional community with the development of professional standards and recognition by

legal bodies within each country.

- Some specific questions arose: 1. Would it be possible for Member Associations to accept

foreigners working as DMT’s in their countries?

2. How can we increase the connection to local associations for supervision, continuous

professional education etc?

3. Can we work to establish Criteria for different routes towards recognition from Member


4. How to establish interrelatedness at all the different levels and aspects of professional status in

each country?

5. How can we make connections with other Arts Therapies professional organisations (music, art

and drama)?

PROPOSAL: The Board proposed that the EADMT President contact the Dramatherapy

community in response to hearing that they are starting the process of establishing a European

Dramatherapy Association.

ACTION: The Board will offer assistance and support if needed.

 Logo

The Board presented 4 prototypes of logo chosen from the contributions received from different

countries. The Assembly participants discussed and shared the message they would like to

present, the designs and the colors.

There was an agreement to ask the help to an expert designer. The importance of choice is

stressed as it is the image of EADMT.

The Assembly accepted, with much pleasure, the offer from Julia Morozova of keywords to give to

the designer. Agnieszka Lugierska (Deputy Delegate, Poland) clarified that this task had already

been undertaken by her.

The submitted ideas for Logos were presented by Kristine and a number of votes were taken:

a) Which picture do we like? Picture number 1: 3 votes for; picture number 2: 16 votes for, 2

abstain; picture number 3: 0 vote for; picture number 4: 0 vote for

b) Do we want a professional designer to work on the chosen designs? 10 votes for

c) Do we want a designer to offer their work for free, using the existing suggestions? 7 votes for, 4



1. The Assembly decided to request the designer of logo prototype Number 2 (Marcin in Poland) to

develop it further.

2. The Board will decide on a new set of prototypes to e-mail to the Delegates for a vote, with a

deadline to fixed by The Board.

 Working Groups:

Training & Standards - Nina Alcalai, Katalin Szili, Marina Bebik, Christina Wintels, Radana

Syrovatkova, Brigitte Züger, (Zuzanna Pedzich), Eha Rüütel

Research - Antonella Monteleone, Julia Kil, Klára Čízková, Alexia Margariti, Adrienne Incze, Nina

Kanevskaya, Andrea Mala, Livi Zajedova and Syssy Lykou (on behalf of Sabine Koch)

Public Relations & Communications - Kristine Vende, Nahia San Pedro, (Goedele Van

Doorsselaer), Céline Butté, Barbara Birner, Hana Hledikova

Official Recognition - Susan Scarth, Vincenzo Puxeddu, Natasa Smyrli, Tone Seaille, Shirley

Mawer, Sarah Rodriguez-Cigaran, Susanne Bender, Julia Morozova, Ieva Vaverniece, (Silke von

der Heyde)

The working groups through discussion, debate and sharing arrived at a definition of their own

specific Aims and Objectives for the next year and a list of actions to complete.

 1st EADMT Conference 2014

The Board proposal is to postpone the conference to 2014 in order to be able to decide theme and

goals, identify scientific and organisational aspects. Following debate the GA decided to accept

The Board’s proposition.

Proposal: The EADMT’s 1st CONFERENCE will be held in 2014.

RESULT: Adopted by 19 votes for and 2 votes against.

Russia offered to host the event.

Vincenzo Puxeddu, Italy’s Delegate, suggested it's The Board's responsibility to decide the political

aims of the conference.

ACTION: The Board will establish the theme during the following year, and put together a scientific

committee and an organising committee. The Research Working Group was asked to collaborate

with The Board in defining goals and objectives, the audience and the theme. This was agreed in


 Financial Audit

The Treasurer presents the financial audit. Susanne Bender, Germany delegate, asks for

clarification and suggest to have two different sheets, one for the income - outcome of the current

fiscal year and one for budgeting including the prevision of costs just known or deliberated from the

Assembly. It is decided to postpone the adoption of the documents to the day after.

 6.30 pm The Assembly ends up the working day with a movement sharing


 Adoption of revised agenda for today

10 a.m. Propose revised Agenda

10.40 a.m. Dimensional Scale Video

11 a.m. Accounts - vote for approval

11.30 a.m. Working Groups

• Further discussion

• Clarify Aims and objectives

Research Group - to act as temporary Conference Working Group

1.00 - 2.00 p.m. Lunch

2.00 p.m. Working Groups present Aims and Objectives

+ Preliminary Conference proposals from Research Group

+ Clear proposals presented from each Working Group

VOTING where required

4.30 p.m. Tea

4.50 p.m. Plenary

• Next GA - Date and Place

• Any other Business

6 p.m. Move towards Goodbye, Arrivederci, Adieu, auf Wiedersehen etc...

PROPOSAL: To adopt revised agenda.

RESULT: Agenda adopted by 19 votes for, 2 persons from Hungary not presenT.

The President Susan Scarth establishes that she will Chair the meeting and Nina Alcalai will

co-ordinate discussions.

The Deputy Delegate of Germany, Barbara Birner, suggested to have an Audit Committee to assist

with the Financial Audit and present to GA. This Audit Report will be voted on according to


PROPOSAL: President proposed that Hana Hlediková and Shirley Mawer to be Audit Committee

for 2011/12 fiscal year and the 2012/13 budget.

RESULT: Adopted by 21 votes for.

Nina Alcalai presented the two documents of the fiscal year 2010/11 and 2011/12 budget , assuring

the formal and corrected sheets will be sent to Delegates with the Minutes.

RESULT: The fiscal year account is Adopted by 19 votes for, and 2 abstentions

The budget is Adopted by 19 votes for, and 2 abstentions

NB Following Lunch Spain’s Delegate gve her apologies and informed GA she would have to leave

the meeting early. Spain then gave her Voting Rights to Italy’s Delegate.

 Aims of Communications group

 to create a group on Linked in (ACTION: Kristine 1.11.2011)

 to create a group in Facebook (ACTION: Kristine 1.11.2011)

 To build a link with other European Arts Therapy Associations (Barbara - Music Therapy;

Nahia - others ACTION: 1.12.2011, send Press Release and exchange the links to


 to ask the EADMT Member Associations to add ink to EADMT website on national

Association’s website (Also for Members to add weblink to their private websites; ACTION:

1.11.2011, Kristine to add EADMT website on Google search engine).

 Inform visitors to the EADMT website that the working language is English. In Login section

include The Board Meetings and GA minutes and invite Members to state their wishes for

the Login page (ACTION: Kristine 1.11.2011)

 to ask to the Website Manager to create a direct link from old EADMT website to new one

page (ACTION: Kristine, 1.11.2011).

 the working group will communicate via Céline Butté to create a Google group (ACTION:

Céline Butté 15.11.11). Kristine Vende to send contact details and catch up with Goedele.

PROPOSAL: to create ‘International Network Created by EADMT’ in Facebook to

facilitate communication between EADMT Members and other European DMT

professionals and international DMT Associations. Such a move will promote the EADMT

and be inclusive.

Adopted by 21 votes for, 0 abstain.

PROPOSAL: Kristine to manage Facebook account for 1 year.

Adopted by 21 votes for, 0 abstain.

PROPOSAL: The GA to vote for Logo via interne. Date to be be set by The Board

Kristine to send revised versions to Delegates

Adopted by 21 votes for, 0 abstain.

 Aims of Research group

Website Information

 ask Helen Payne (ACTION: Antonella 1.11.2011), Sabine Koch, Frank Röricht and Nina

Papadopoulos (ACTION: Sissy Lykou 1.11.2011), Vicky Karkou and Bonnie Meekums

(ACTION: Andrea Mala 1.11.2011) for authorisation to create a link to their research on the

EADMT website.

 formally ask the Delegates to describe briefly (1-2 pages) the state of Research in their

country, providing the following data:

PhD THESES: Author, title, in progress or completed, and University;

RESEARCH PROJECTS: title and links (ACTION: Antonella 1.03.2012, with reminders to

Delegates 1.12.2011)

 Ask Delegates for a list of magazines and journals on DMT and Arts Therapies from

Europe- plus links (Antonella by 1.3.2012)

 Preliminary Conference Proposal from Research Working Group

 Goal(s): To present the profession and share the knowledge and applications of DMT.

 To add to literature on European DMT and create a European DMT Journal

 Theme: 1. Diversity and Unity, 2. Applications of DMT theory, methods and research in


 Target Group: 1. Only within the profession, 2. Wider audience from the health, education

and the arts fields

 Question : Focus initially in DMT community or promote a bridge towards other professions

related to DMT?

Hana Hlediková (? ) left in afternoon and gives Voting Rights to UK.

 Aims of the Training Standards Working Group

After the joint meeting with the Recognition group, the training standards group accepted to

change its initial goal: to form a new much more detailed questionnaire to go directly to every DMT

training program of member states.

However, as the urgent goal is to clarify DMT’s identity, the group will continue working on a new

questionnaire and distribute it to Member Associations for completion. Thus standards required of

each Member state will be made clearer.

This undertaking will enable negotiations to bring standards across Europe into parity and guide

new Members wishing to apply to the EADMT.

This group reported the need to proceed very slowly, clarifying all the information we need to ask

the EADMT Members through the questionnaire, to collate a true and current picture of DMT in

different countries.

It was also noted that there was a need to unify the 2 working groups, Training and Official

Recognition, to achieve this clarity.

 Aims of the Official Recognition

1. Identity

• What defines us before DMT training?

• What fields do we work in?

• Who do we align with?

Arts Therapies or Psychotherapies or Psychologists

2. State Recognition

• Are we a new profession?

• Can we explore this approach?

• Do we collaborate with other professions for State Recognition?

3. Collaboration

• With EU Arts Therapies Associations e.g. Music, Art, Drama

• Which organisations/institutions in each Member country do we collaborate with? e.g. Russia to

National Dance Teachers Association, Greece to other Arts Therapies

4. European Legal Status

• Creative Arts Therapies - Germany

• European Competencies - EAP


1. Each NA to discuss how a Registered DMT can cross-border membership

2. Each NA to discuss possibility of cross border working in Member countries

3. Board to ask Full Professional Members to propose Delegate to communicate with the Training

Standards working group

4. Professional Recognition group to explore legal route to EU recognition

The group clarified their main aim (1.) describing their discussion with Training Standards Working

Group to open membership of this Group to Full Basic Members. This was accepted as a criteria.

Aims 3 and 4 aims must wait for the return of Training & Standards questionnaire.

Aim 4 is proceeding.

NB State Government rules differ in each country. Nina Alcalai suggested Delegates collect

information of recognised EU training programmes and include them on the EADMT website.

Susan suggested Delegates promote discussion in their national Association on how each national

Member Association can accept and register and support DMT professionals working across

borders. Feedback to be sent to Susan on this issue for collation.

 Next General Assembly

The format was discussed, with duration and place. Suggested format is of 3-4 days including

sufficient time for workshops.

1. GA must consider action planning for the year ahead.

2. Should workshops be for us or open?

The general opinion is to try to stay more open and clarify the idea of workshops for next GA and

leave this to the hosting Association to make final decision. Elections for Board must be included.

We need also to verify constantly every year the actions done and not done.

Vincenzo Puxeddu (Italy) raised importance of ensuring Delegates present in Working Groups to

take decisions, e.g. in Training and Recognition Group.

PROPOSAL: Date - October 20th and 21st 2012. VOTE: Adopted by 19 votes for, 2 abstentions

Russia and Poland proposed to host next GA, following approval from their national Associations.

Russia offers October 26th and 27th 2013. Spain offers to consider next 2014 0r 2015.

EADMT President, Susan Scarth, will write formally to national Associations to enquire who will

consider hosting the GA in the next 5 years.