Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting 2013, Warsaw

European Dance Movement Therapy Association

Minutes of the General Assembly

Date: 2013 october 5th 6th

Location: Warsaw

Start time:10.00

End time: 4.00

Recording Officers: Antonella Monteleone and Shirley Mawer

In attendance:

Members: Name and Country represented

3 FULL BASIC member Czech Rep. , France

10 FULL PROFESSIONAL member Greece, Germany,Hungary, Italy,

Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, Latvia

1 ASSOCIATE member Switzerland

Observers: from Estonia ,Ukraine and Poland ( see attendence list)

absents : Ukraine Sweden Denmark

Late arrivals:

Apologies: Julie Kill , Celine Butte

Number of Attendees: 18 + 8 observers and 3 Board members

Number of voting rights:22

Full professional member associations have 2 voting rights, full basic member

associations have 1 voting rights

Documents submitted with the minutes:

-renewal form 2013

-delegate confirmation form

-rules and procedures revised oct 2013

-minutes GA edinburgh 2012

-GA Agenda 2013

Voting procedure: Each vote is recorded by 1 named board member and 1 obesrver

Julia Morozova and Julia Tertychna (Ukrain) Natalja Zemite (Latvia) who record for

each the total number of voting rights, yes, no and absetentions.

Saturday 5th october 2013

1. Greetings & Opening of GA by President .

Hello and welcome from Susan Scarth . EADMT Board apologies from those unable to attend.

Celine Butte has stepped down from the EADMT Board as she has had a baby. Therefore, another

Board member will be elected during this GA.

2. Acknowledgement of appropriate invitation :

The invitation to the GA was acknowledged by all the delegates

3. Ensure quorum of meeting. 1/3rd of all Members must be members.

The voting is valid

However 3 Members not paid their annual membership fee (Denmark, Spain, France). Votes available

= 19 votes We ask them to provide a confirmation of payment. France and Spain have paid.

The President establishes that attendance at the meeting met the required quorum.

Absent Associations: Ukraine Sweden Denmark

4. Calling the Chair of the meeting

The President of EADMT, Susan Scarth, would chair the meeting

5. Calling the Recording Officers :

Antonella Monteleone and Shirley Mawer

6. Acknowledging the Auditing Committee :

Shirley Mawer

7. Presentation & agreement of agenda topics & order of discussion

It is reminded that Delegates and Deputy Delegates are accountable to their national association and

that the proposals made come from their national board and not from their personal opinion.

a) It is proposed to remove item No. 15 as none new Member applications was received,

although dialogue is going on with Norway and Slovakia.22 votes yes to support removal

b) Propose we add in No. 15: Membership Working Group proposal by Imke Fiedler & Indra

Majore 22 votes yes

c) It is proposed to add No. 16: Voting on Treasurer/Board Member 22 votes yes

d) It is proposed to add No 21: Conference & Communications Planning group 22 votes yes

8. Approval of 2012 GA Minutes as a true and accurate of the Meeting (voting)

22 votes yes

9.The Board’s Report - including actions taken & suspended

a) The website is just about ready to go online

b) 12 EADMT Board meetings were held between October 2012 to October 2013, 10 of these

meetings were through Skype & 2 were face to face

c) Questionnaires on the Training Programmes across Europe have been completed, new

deadline of 30 th November for any country that has not yet submitted.


Antonella Monteleone ‘s work is ongoing in the following areas:

~ Procedures; Adequate forms & Templates for the website and any other social / professional network

~ to have professional e-mail addresses for board members

~ membership renewal forms on website

~ invoicing forms on website

~ request forms for support fund on website


Julia Morozova informs the audience:

- the website is almost ready, there is an active media presence on Linked in, Facebook &


- we are looking at how these can be managed effectively.

- protocols and procedures on finances and administrative set up

- templates/ forms/ auto response and internal communications to go on website. Still work in


- nice poster has been designed by Mrs Maja Tomse's husband. This will be

downloadable from the EADMT website.

- the Media presence is very important, and the website is a 'visiting card' to the Association.

- contact with the large DMT’s community ( ex Network) is through the new list serve email address:



Celine Buttè presents a document ( in power point) that depicts the EADMT accounts from 1st june

2012 to 31st may 2013 and the yearly budget 2013/2014 . The report is very

clear and detailed and there is enough time for the GA to check through it.

We are in 'black' by a very small margin

The GA is informed that Italy & Germany made a financial contribution to the EADMT Support Fund.

Summary of the support fund : + 250,00 € currently available.

Summary of the workshops in Edinburgh. There was a small loss: the total cost was £1,236.90.

The shortfall was - £231.19.

The Treasurer’s reports focuses also recommendations to the Board and to Member Associations

regarding: competencies for the treasurer figure to be elected, annual fee procedures , the opportunity

to employ a chartered accountant, procedures regarding the financial organization for GA

Conferences or Workshops.

There is a valuable discussion around how much and how to organise payments for workshop

facilitators. The idea emerged that the Board could consider thinking about and possibly producing

some guidelines for the future on costs for workshop facilitators and related expenses. This can then

be then proposed to the members.

Celine Butte has made some recommendations for amendments to EADMT Rules and Procedures :

• 2.10.1 Member associations to pay their membership renewal by 1st June of the open

financial year

• 2.10.2 Late payment will be charged €10 per month

• 2.10.3 If payment is not made by the next GA, the membership is considered defunct. A new

application fee of €50 will be charged and the full fee for the missed year will have to be paid.

This will be proposed by the Board and decided on next GA.

Board asks if are there people interested in joining in analysing the questionnaire and Greece is

offering as volunteer.


The financial report for 2013 is accurate and in order.


EADMT Board highlight what it means to be an Association.

The Board proposes that a chartered accountant supports the financial statements and he/she would

check it is all in order. A job description for this role would be produced in our next GA .

Reminder that the next GA will be in Riga, Latvia September 28th 2014 following the first EADMT

Conference 26th & 27th Sept 2014)


Nina Alcalay recommended that with the Questionnaires on the Training Programs across

Europe, that were recently completed, we carry out statistical comparisons to analyse qualitative

and quantitative information.


a) it is reccomended that each Delegate asks his/her national association if anyone is interested in

undertaking this research task and how much it would cost. Greece ( Maria Artemi) asks to take

supervision into account and reflection in working on training standards and suggests to develop and

sustain supervision across european countries ; and it is asked also to take action for a question to

European Union in Bruxelles regarding recognition

b)Sub Conference Committee to produce a template for the budget for the conference. Latvia

question if it is possible to open a new EADMT account in another country will be discussed in the

Conference WG soon after


c)Work through recommendations and amendments proposed by the Treasurer to Rules and

Procedures of EADMT. I.e. late payments charged € 10 per month fine for,

There is a general agreement that the board prepare a proposal on this topic to present at the next


Research working group starts to report the state of work in organising the Conference event. The

members that are offering their collaboration for now for this task are:

Julie Kil, Despina Graneta, Indra Majore, Kristine Vende, Vincenzo Puxeddu, Izabela Guzek,

Maria Constantinidou, Iris Braeuninger.

VOTING NEW AUDITING COMMITTEE Audit for the 2014 accounts:voluteer offering by

Poland , Zuzanna Pedzich and by Greece , Maria Artemi .


2012 - 2013 Voting 22 yes


Are the members happy with EADMT and what is being done?

A vote was made with a unanimous 22 votes of YES.

Indra Majore (Latvia) and Imke Fiedler (Germany) present their proposal of Membership

Recognition Committee. This committee will be responsible for looking at new membership

applications and the renewal of current memberships. The proposal is that the renewal process will

take place every 5 years.

The Board remembers that new applications for membership should be made within 6 months

before the next GA. I.e. by April 2014 for next year.

Switzerland would like to apply for Full Basic Membership in 2014. Annlies Stoffel asks if there is a

fixed amount of movement analyses in the criteria at the moment. Susan Scarth replies that the

current criteria are quite open and this is connected with an inclusive attitude taken by EADMT at the


Hungary (Katalin Szili Vermes) is looking for an exchange of the completed Questionnaires .Czech

(Radana Syrovatkova)asks that every exchange depends on a confidentiality agreement by the

national associations . President (Susan Scarth) replies that everyone would receive the report on

Questionnaires analysis by the next GA .

It is agreed that there should be a vote on Sunday for the new Working Group: Membership

Application Committee. A vote is made to establish how many people would make up this

group. - 20 votes vote for 2 people and 2 votes are made for 3 people.

As there was no seconder of this proposal, it is cancelled. The new Committee will be

made up of 2 people.

Depending on the complexity arising, the Board evaluate that there needs to be an Ethical


16. NEW BOARD MEMBER/TREASURER: Presentation and Voting

As Celine Butte has stepped down as board member, a call for a new member is made.

Only one delegate proposes herself to join the EADMT Board, Shirley Mawer from the UK . Voting 20


Shirley Mawer is welcomed to the Board. As there was no deputy delegate present to take on the UK

delegate role, it is decided that she would officially join the board on Sunday 6th October.


The board invites all the Delegates and attendees at the GA to divide into their working groups. The

aim is that each of the 4 working groups would discuss and reach a consensus on how to go forward

towards the aims of the group and set out some action points towards achieving this.

The 4 groups are:

- RESEARCH & CONFERENCE ( coordinated by Antonella Monteleone and Julia Morozova) Rosa

Maria Rodriguez, Despina Graneta, Miep Van Tiel, Kristine Vende , Indra Majore, Adrienne Incze, Iza,

Marek, Natalie

- TRAINING STANDARDS ( coordinated by Susan Scarth) Zuzanna Pedzich, Svetlana Gaab, Radana

Syrovatkova, Katalin Szili, Imke Fiedler, Tatiana , Yuliya, Terje

- STATE RECOGNITION ( coordinated by Shirley Mawer) Tone Seailles , Annlies Stoffel, Anna

Lagomaggiore, Vincenzo Puxeddu, Maria Artemi, Isabella Guzek, Malgorta , Anha


As no one put their name forward for Communications, it is proposed that one member from

each group takes on that role as COMMUNICATION person. That person will be responsible

to liaise with Julia. This will be announced by Sunday 6 th October 2013.

At the end of the day a film made by the Polish DMT Association was shown that received an

enthusiastic response by the audience.



It is reminded that we had to identify a web link to Julia communication W.G. in each W.G. and to

identify any proposal or reccomendation to vote on after


It was proposed and agreed to add in item 21)- future dates and places to meet next year 2015

and 2016 - 22 voted YES

Further group discussion it is proposed to develop an action plan for each area.

It is also proposed and agreed that the working groups would later meet together in the following

combinations to further discuss .

a) State Recognition and Training Standards

b) Conference and communications

22 votes accepted this proposal


The Membership Committee is discussed and voted on.

It is also discussed the duration of the serving term.

Finally it is proposed that one person from the committee should serve for 3 years and the other for 2

years. 22 votes YES

22 votes Imke Fiedler for 2 years (Indra Majore proposal ,Shirley Mawer seconder ) 20 votes Julie

Kil for 3 years proposal katalin seconder …

This group will be responsible to review and communicate with new applicants and give

recommendations to the EADMT Board, for accepting or rejecting the applicants.

Process of Application

- it is proposed that all documents are in English on application form. It is proposed to add

on a point, in English i.e. “Please confirm that your code of Ethics meets the criteria for EADMT

code of Ethics OR differs from the EADMT code of ETHICS.” The review is suspended for the next


It is shared the need to better define the processes for renewal.

21. AGREE VENUE FOR GA 2015 AND 2016

Spain (Barcellona or Madrid) or Russia are offering to host the GA on October 3nd and 4th 2015

Budapest has offered for 1st and 2nd October 2016

Imke Fiedler suggests that in the future GA it would be better to start early at 9am and finishing at2pm


a) Training Standards & State Recognition meet again - for further discussion, debate and action


b) Conference & Communications Working Group meet with Secretary & Communications Board

Members - for further discussion, debate and action planning

b) Training Standards & State Recognition to meet with President to discuss Ethics Committee/WG .

This is voted 22 yes


The State Recognition Working Group recognises that there are many differences in the position of

Dance Movement Therapy and State recognition status across Europe. The question was raised as to

whether it could be the case to address this State Recognition within the European Parliament.

There was a general consensus within the working group that this could be a good way forward.

Also this would certainly have a positive impact on each of the individual countries and their

national status.

Holland Latvia and Switzerland are recognized

In Switzerland there was a professional (Dietriches Von Bonim's) had a master in that process of

recognition . The State Recognition group will share his document to find guidelines especially for an

application in Europe.

May be we could invite him in our conference and /or in a skype meeting.

Some info from the layer in Latvia

Shirley Mawer will be the board member responsible for the State Recognition group.

Maria Artemi will be web link of the group

The Training Standards Working Group

The group is informed that only 5 questionnaire arrived.

A decision is taken that data will remain within the eadmt and will be used for study inside our

community. It is only confidential

The group evaluate differences in different countries.

Maria Artemi ( Greece) bring a request of having a list of supervisors on an european basis : we

decided the criteria rest with the national association but we need transperency 3 points agreed

1. If full professional members translate and put on their web page in english Proposer susan

scarth seconder zuzanna :voting 22 yes

2. the accredited list of supervisors for international supervision with lang so we have a link

between their website Proposer and seconder Susan Scarth and Zuzanne Pedzich voting


It is discussed entry requirment to a dmt programme

It is shared the info that there is an european association of supervisors

Susan Scarth will be the board member responsible for the Training standard Working Group

Svetlana Gaab will be web link of this group.

The Conference Working Group

It is established an agenda of actions ,a conference committee , a detailed programme of practical

and organizational issues. It was discussed how and if to open a bank account in the hosting country


Antonella Monteleone and Julia Morozova ? will be the board member responsible for the

Conference Working Group

Despina Graneta will be web link of this group


It is reminded that 3 board members ( Scarth, Monteleone , Morozova) are retiring in 2014. This is

to be prepared for election and so we are inviting Member Association to find people who would like

to candidate themselves . The member of the actual Board communicate to the Ga that they are

offering to be elected again for a last term.

Susan Scarth and Zuzanna Pedzich agreed to be involved in the Ethics Committee. This

committee will be looking at complaints procedures. It is agreed that Delegates should ask their

National Association to translate the complaints procedures .



Delegates should also ask their National Associations to raise awareness that if one of their members

is in a host country, they should contact the host national association. And possibly become an

associate member.


thanks for poland for all hosting plus for 500 €

thanks for the atmospere kristine

magic moment of mindfulness during the ga ann stoff

The Board 2012 - 2014

Susan Scarth President 2012/14

Antonella Monteleone Secretary 2012/14

Celine Butte Treasurer 2012/13

Julia Morozova Communications 2012/14

Shirley Mawer Treasurer 2013/15

Ps. Radana Syrovatkova, Vincenzo Puxeddu, Miep van Tiel, Rosa Maria Rodriguez, Katalin Adrienne are

leaving before we attend our last session

Recording Officer 1: S. Mawer Recording Officer 2:A. Monteleone

Name: Name:

Signature: Signature:

President: Susan Scarth



Secretary:A.Monteleone Treasurer: S. Mawer Communication:J. Morozova

Name: Name: Name:

Signature: Signature: Signature: