EADMT Working Groups and Coordinators

Research Group - Rosemarie Sammaritter   / rasamaritter@codarts.nl

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about the research data base   

State Recognition Group - Vincenzo Puxeddu   / president@eadmt.com

Training Standards Group - Susan Scarth  / sbscarth@gmail.com

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Conference Group - Irina Tepuru  / irina.tepuru@yahoo.com

Global Affiliation Group - Jessica Heuvels  / jessica@dansochrorelsepraktiken.com

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Communication Group - Elli Kita  / communicationpr@eadmt.com   


For the direct communication in EADMT community we establish the listserve with the address listserve@eadmt.com .  To join the mailing list and receive all correspondence, please, send your request to info@eadmt.com