EADMT releases documentary film about DMT


The European Association Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT) releases the full version of "Resilient Lives: Building Strength through Dance Movement Therapy" documentary featuring six DMT professionals in conversation about Dance Movement Therapy and 20 years of European Association Dance Movement Therapy - finding the right words, pioneering the mindful movement, embracing doubts and moving forward together.

Filmed during the 1st European Association Dance Movement Therapy Conference "Resilience within a Changing World", September 26– 27, 2014, Riga, Latvia

Organised by the Organised by the European Association Dance Movement Therapy - EADMT in co-operation with Riga Stradins University Arts Therapy Programme and The Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association.

Made possible by the generous and kind support from the EADMT community and all the crowdfunding campaign contributors. 

Featuring Professor Dr Helen Payne, PhD, Penelope A. Best, PGCE, MCAT, SrDMP, Richard Coaten, PhD, Dr Iris Bräuninger, PhD, Dr Vincenzo Puxeddu, PhD, Irina Biryukova, BC-DMT, CAGS

Director & Producer: Kate Pavula
Executive Producer: Jeanette MacDonald
Director of Photography: Toms Taukulis
Project Initiator & Interviewer: Julia Morozova, EADMT

Video © 2014-2017 EADMT
Music © Blue Dot Sessions (licensed)

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