Dear all, 

In this time of crisis we feel the need to connect with our colleagues from all over Europe and the world, to express our solidarity to the members of the health community who give the fight at the front line and to those who are suffering through this difficult passage.

The moment we are going through is a challenge that questions our certainties and ways of life, forcing us to pause, to change pace and movement qualities and to reflect. Corona virus reminds us of the vulnerability of our bodies and our planet and urges us to connect deeper to our self AND other.

We, Dance Therapists, know how to keep embodied connection using appropriate methods and means. The relevant discussion that took place in our last conference showed that the profession is ready to incorporate new technology in the field practice and the situation now urges us to advance in this direction.

We must be prepared to offer our help on issues of loss and grief. We must also be prepared to support ourselves, our clients and our communities to deal with the upcoming consequences of the outbreak.

We are all «… waves from the same sea, leaves from the same tree, flowers from the same garden ..." Let’s stay connected through hard times and nourish the sense of belonging to a human community that knows no boundaries and borders.

Hold on! Spring is already here and new Echinacea flowers blossom out…

EADMT Board:
Vincenzo Puxeddu , Imke Fiedler, Elli Kita , Iza Guzek