BTA - Austrian association of Dance Movement therapy

BTA Berufsverband für Tanz- und Ausdruckstherapie in Österreich


The Austrian association of Dance Movement therapy is called „BTA Berufsverband für Tanz- und Ausdruckstherapie Österreich“.

The BTA is a non-profit professional association which was founded in 1996. Since October 2018 Austria has been a full basic member with the EADMT.

The main purpose of the BTA is to provide a platform of communication and exchange for its members and to support them in achieving and maintaining high standards of professional competence through training, ongoing education and research.

The association defines and promotes binding standards of training, practice and professional identity and is furthermore working on achieving a legal basis and national recognition of Dance Movement Therapy and the protection of the occupational title ‘Dance Movement Therapist’.

The BTA is also engaged in providing information and raising public awareness for Dance Movement Therapy.

There are several options of membership such as full professional member, student member, associated/supporting member and honorary member.
The BTA has a board of chairwoman, treasurer and secretary elected every two years.

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