Croatian Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy


Dance Movement Therapy in Croatia has been developing formally since 2010, when ‘’Terpsichore’’ Association started a 4yr professional education in Zagreb supervised and run by Penelope Ann Best. The first generation of DMT professionals completed this program in 2014.

Croatian Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy, the professional association for students and certified dance movement psychotherapists was established in 2012 with the aim to link with EADMT and SPUH (Union of Psychotherapy Associations in Croatia) as well as to establish and keep professional standards of this new profession.

Although DMT in Croatia is still at a pioneering phase of development with more actions needed in terms of recognition and continuous professional development in the future, considering the length of time since it started within 2 forms of educational systems (initiated and run by Vedrana Kurjan Manestar and Sanela Janković Marušić, founders of the Croatian Dance Movement Psychoherapy Association) it has been growing considerably and is more and more present and alive at hospitals, different associations, home for children, schools, elderly homes…etc.

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