Association for Dance Movement Therapy Cyprus

Σύνδεσμος Χοροθεραπείας Κύπρου


In June 2016, the Association for Dance Movement Therapy Cyprus (ADTCY) was officially established and accredited by the Cypriot government. Accordingly, the goals of the ADTCY are:

1) to promote and work towards establishing the profession in Cyprus;
2) to protect the integrity of the profession;
3) to support dance movement therapists;
4) to provide the rules and regulations for working as a DMT in Cyprus.

In October 2017, ADTCY became part of EADMT and since then we work alongside other national associations for promoting and establishing DMT. According to our contract, the board of the ADTCY must include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 3 members. The 6 types of ADTCY memberships are Full Professional Membership, Corresponding Membership, Non-practicing Membership, Student Membership, Honorary Membership and Members-Friends of the association. We believe in transparency and honesty and hold meetings that are open to all our full professional members to attend. We want the association to be the home of a supportive space where dance movement therapists can express themselves, feel a sense of belonging, feel less isolated and more motivated to work and promote the profession. For more information on our association please visit our website:

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