TANTER - Czech Association of Dance Movement Therapy

TANTER - Asociace tanečně pohybové terapie ČR


The Czech Association of Dance Movement Therapy (TANTER – Asociace tanečně pohybové terapie ČR) is a non-profit organization located in Prague and founded in 2002 by dance movement therapists (DMT). Graduates of the first training in dance movement therapy in the Czech Republic was organized in 1997 – 1999 under the patronage of ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association). To date a total of five trainings have been completed in the Czech Republic and two are currently in progress. The trainings are organized by two educational institutions: HYPERLINK “https://www.movingselfinstitut.com/” t “_blank” the Moving Self Institute and HYPERLINK “http://www.expresivniterapie.org/” t “_blank” the Association for Expressive Therapies. They are led by renowned instructors from the Czech Republic, Great Britain, USA, Germany and Israel.

TANTER is one of the founding members of EADMT and its membership dates back to 2010 with Klara Čížková as first and founding delegate. Level of EADMT membership of TANTER in 2021 was Full Basic.

The mission of TANTER is to support and connect dance movement therapists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to define, promote and maintain the high level of standards of professional competence of DMT. TANTER has a five-member Board (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator/Communications and EADMT delegate), an Education and Supervision Committee and an Auditing Commission. The association has about 50 members and the number increases yearly. Since 2018 a completely new web site and social media channels have been launched. The Association also promotes communication within the DMT community and represents DMT to the general and professional audience. Since 2020 the Association offers monthly online/offline DMT group supervisions to enable all members to get important support in their DMT work and also to help meet the high standards of the requirements of professional membership.

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