Suomen Tanssiterapiayhdistys ry

The Finnish Association for Dance Therapy


Suomen Tanssiterapiayhdistys (The Finnish Association for Dance Therapy) was founded in 2000. The purpose of the association is to operate as a professional network of dance movement therapists and to make dance movement therapy known in Finland. In addition, the association strives to support the development of dance movement therapy training, to create better conditions for dance movement therapy in Finnish society and to strengthen the professional position of dance movement therapy. In order to achieve its purpose, the association organizes training events and seminars, as well as carries out information and publication activities. The association publishes electronic magazine Effortti, which contains current articles on dance movement therapy.

The association has professional, student and supporting members. The board of the association is elected at the annual meeting in April.

The Finnish Association for Dance Therapy has been a full basic member in the European Association Dance Movement Therapy since 2015.

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