I.C.E.T. The Israeli Creative & Expressive Therapies Association

YAHAT in Hebrew


The I.C.E.T. established in 1971 under the name YAHAT in Hebrew is a non-profit association devoted to promote the creative arts therapies professions. The creative arts therapies recognized as modality divisions within the association are Visual Arts, DMT, MT, Drama, Psychodrama and Biblio-therapy. Yahat aims to establish connections with other professional organizations in Israel and abroad. In 2016 it became a member of the EADMT.

Yahat’s structure consists of a president, two vice-presidents and an executive board which comprises one/two elected representative from each of the 6 modalities, and offers 4 types of membership: member, supervisor, senior supervisor and supervising trainee. All positions are on a voluntary basis without pay.
Our committees: Audit Committee, Ethics Committee, Registration. Working groups: students, Arab society, employment, etc.

Creative arts therapies training in Israel involve a master’s degree, provided at six colleges and two universities.  About 50% of the therapists are integrated within the Ministry of Education.  Israeli creative arts therapists provide private therapy sessions, as well as well as group and dyadic therapy to children and their parents.  Therapists are also integrated into adult hospitals and in programs from the Ministry of Welfare, and the Ministry of Defence.

Currently, one challenge in Israel is regulatory, since the Regulation of Health Professions Law does not include creative arts therapies and thus the profession currently lacks a legal basis for licensure.

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