Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association

Latvijas Deju un kustību terapijas asociācija -


The Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association was established in 2007 by 20 members and since then it functions as a professional organization that brings together Latvian dance movement therapists with the aim to develop and maintain professional standards amongst them. Dance movement therapy in Latvia is a state recognized and registered health care profession.

The number of members has more than doubled since the Association was established and new members are joining it every year. The Board of Association consists of five elected members and is based in Riga.

The Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association is responsible for providing continuous education to its members, protecting their rights and supporting their interests, engaging in information campaigns about dance movement therapy, issuing informative materials, holding the database of its members workplaces, professional profiles and publications, maintaining the development of the profession and communicating with relevant government and non-government organizations and other healthcare organizations nationally and internationally.

The Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association participated in establishing EADMT in 2010 and is a Full Professional member of EADMT since 2012. It is also a member of the Union of Latvian Associations of Arts Therapies and maintains close relationships with the educational program of Riga Stradiņš university – the only place in Latvia that provides education in dance movement therapy. It is also a member of the Union of Latvian Health Care professional organization – the certification and recertification provider for Arts therapists of Latvia.

N.A. Delagates

Professional DMT Trainings


Arts therapy
Riga Stradiņš University
Qualification Provided
MA in health care, art therapy (specialization dance movement therapy)
Length and / or frequency
2,5 years
Riga, Latvia
Language of the Course

Introductory dmt workshops / trainings