Dutch National Association for Dancetherapy

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Danstherapie


The NVDAT is the national dancetherapy association of the Netherlands. NVDAT is a founding member and full professional member of the EADMT since 2010. 

The NVDAT was officially established in 2006 and has grown to a number of about 140 members in 2021. Next to the association’s President, Secretary and Treasurer, the board also includes the positions of  Professional Advocacy, Knowledge Innovation and PR/Communication.

Our types of membership are: full member, student member, associate & reduction membership.  Together with six other national arts – and psychomotor therapy associations, we form a national Federation. Our ‘Register Vaktherapie’ (the Register for Arts Therapists) is a separate and independent committee within this federation and has an ‘assessment committee’ and a ‘accreditation committee’.

N.A. Delagates