ARPDM - Romanian Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Asociația România de Psihoterapie prin Dans si Miscare


The Romanian Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (in original- Asociația România de Psihoterapie prin Dans si Miscare- ARPDM) is a non-profit organization legally established in August 2013 in Bucharest, Romania, and had initially 5 founding members. Until 2021 the number of our members grew to 22 including the people who trained with us and we are pushing to grow to a larger number of full professional level members.

The Association was accepted by vote as an associate member of EADMT on 01st of October 2017 and we keep close contact with all the European representatives, our people working alongside colleagues in EADMT for the European conference and the training standards.

The purpose of ARPDM is to grow the awareness of the Romanian public and the professionals about the value of dance movement psychotherapy, as the most physical of the art therapies, as well as the fact that body movement is an implicit and expressive tool of communication, which aims to asses and treat neurological, psychological, psychopathological problems, relational and social.

In order to achieve its goals, ARPDM organizes long CPD and basic professional training courses, seminars, public events, psychotherapy groups and contributes in social projects to help vulnerable people. Also we work closely with other organizations and contribute to the development of programs and knowledge for the achievement of wellbeing.

The Romanian Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy organized the first CPD training (2 years part-time with European high qualified therapists and instructors) in 2014 and the second one in 2017 and we are planning to start a 3,5 years full professional training in September 2021, according to EADMT and Romanian College of Psychologists requirements.

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