Dance-Movement Therapy Association

Ассоциация Танцевально-Двигательной Терапии


The Dance-Movement Therapy Association (DMTA –Russia – Ассоциация Танцевально-Двигательной Терапии) was founded at the end of 1995.

It is a founding member and professional member of EADMT since 2010.

There are 3 types of membership:
• associate membership – open for everyone;
• Professional membership – open for people with post-graduate DMP diploma (fulfils EADMT training standards). Professional members are signed up into “Professional Registry of Dance-Movement Therapists” – a list of dance-movement therapists whose training and practice corresponds to EADMT training and practice standards. There are several types of qualifications of dance-movement therapists: dance-movement psychologists-consultants; dance-movement trainers; dance-movement psychotherapists; dance -movement supervisors;
• Student membership – open for DMT students of the trainings which are accredited by DMTA.

In 1996 a 3-year Post-Graduate Dance-Movement Psychotherapy Training was established and since then it has been functioning at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. This is the only training in Russia which fulfils EADMT training standards.

In 2013 the Institute of DMT Supervisors of DMTA was established.

Since 1999 every 2 years DMTA holds National DMT Conferences; many of them had international participation. Since 1999 a DMTA Newsletter has been published.

N.A. Delagates

Professional DMT Trainings


Dance Movement Psychotherapy Post Graduate Professional Training
Title of the course (original language)
Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.
Qualification Provided
Length and / or frequency
3 years
Language of the Course

Introductory dmt workshops / trainings