ZPGPS - Slovenian Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists

ZPGPS – Združenje plesno-gibalnih psihoterapevtov Slovenije


The Slovenian Association was founded by six members in May 2018 and was initially called the Association of Dance and Movement Therapists (ZPGTS). In 2021, the name of Association changed to Slovenian Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists (ZPGPS). But the process that led to its establishment began in 2014, when a small group of individuals joined together with a goal to gradually achieve the highest professional requirements for dance-movement therapists in Slovenia.

ZPGPS is situated in Slovenian capital city Ljubljana, but its members are from all parts of Slovenia. It has two types of members: Full Members and Members-In-Training. The Bodies of the Association are: General Assembly, Management Board (president, secretary and treasurer), Supervisory Board and Court of Honour. It maintains a public register of qualified Dance Movement Therapists (RDMTs). ZPGTS is also committed to organize symposiums, seminars, workshops and various educational events for DMT therapists and interested individuals on an annual basis.

In 2019, ZPGPS applied for membership in EADMT and became a Full Basic Member.

In 2020, ZPGPS became a full member of Slovenian Umbrella Association for Psychotherapy (SKZP – Slovenska krovna zveza za psihoterapijo) as the first Arts Therapies modality. With the membership in SKZP, dance-movement psychotherapy is included in the list of psychotherapeutic approaches recognized in Slovenia.

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