Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy ADMP

Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy ADMP


The Association for Dance Movement Therapy (ADMT) came into being first as a Limited Company in 1982.ADMT became ADMP UK in 2008, and continues as a thriving, progressive and visionary organisation. ADMP UK upholds professional standards overseeing codes of conduct, policies for practising and training DMPs, and accrediting training programmes within the UK. It also supports the development of DMP in the UK and internationally, and fosters communication among DMPs. For a brief history of DMP in the UK, please visit The organisation was one of the founding members of EADMT in October 2010 in Munich.

ADMP UK works with other Arts Psychotherapies and psychotherapy organisations in the UK and abroad. It is an organisational member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), an umbrella accrediting body. ADMP UK is run by its members who volunteer to act on an executive council or committees and working groups. Current Committees are: Professional Development Committee, Ethics Committee, Education and Training Committee, and Accreditation Committee. There is also a Newly Qualified Working Group for members under five years qualified to contribute to the work of the organisation.

ADMP UK offers several membership types: 1) Professional Registration Membership for qualified practitioners fulfilling the criteria for registration (RDMP) 2) A register of RDMPs in Private Practice and/or offering Clinical Supervision. 3) Student Membership 4) Associate Membership open to anyone interested in DMP. As of 2021, it currently has 353 full professional members.

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