UDMTA Ukrainian Association of Dance and Movement Therapy


The Ukrainian Association of Dance and Movement Therapy is a public association of psychologists and mental health professionals.  This is a community of professionals who collectively direct their efforts to create a space of like-minded people who share humanistic values ​​and aim to develop the DMT method in Ukraine.

UDMTA is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 2006 and continues to work and develop to this day.

UDMTA brings together specialists from all regions of Ukraine and is a truly accredited member of the European Association for Dance and Movement Therapy (EADMT).  The activities of the UATDT members are based on European professional standards and the ethical code of dance and movement therapists.

Our goal is the development of dance and movement therapy (DMT) as a method of psychological correction, creative development, personal growth, health improvement of children and adults in Ukraine.  As well as the development of professional training, the implementation and maintenance of European qualification requirements for such a specialty in the field of practical psychology and psychotherapy as a dance-movement psychotherapist.  Organization of scientific and clinical projects, ensuring international cooperation, etc.

Members of UDMTA can be citizens of Ukraine who are specialists or students of specialties related to mental health care, and who have expressed a desire to participate in the activities of UDMTA and who intend to implement its statutory tasks.  At the same time, compliance with the ethical standards of the UDMTA is a prerequisite.

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