4th Dance Movement Therapy Online Science Café / Nov 9, 6pm CET

EADMT Research Working Group invites you to join the fourth Dance Movement Therapy Online Science Café.

 “ART BASED RESEARCH” with dr . Caroline Frizell and dr. Marina Rova lecture introduction, followed by discussions in breakout rooms , debate and Exchange.

We are meeting on ZOOM 9 November 2023 at 6 PM CET / 5 PM UK / 12 PM noon EST.

You are welcome to register here until November 7 https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSf5ayKPx8pDr8…/viewform

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact: mari.magi@gmail.com

More about the 4th Science Café

This event will offer an opportunity to learn and share as a community thinking of creative ways to conduct research.

Caroline Frizell and Marina Rova will be offering a presentation, titled Creative moving bodies as a resource for embodied knowledge. The topic will promote insights into the process of bringing their co-edited anthology ‘Creative Bodies in Therapy, Performance and Community: Research and Practice that brings us home’ (2023) to fruition.

Embodied creativity lies at the heart of this collection of chapters. It was also a constant presence in the imagining, the curating and the creating of the book as a whole. That process took on a life of its own, from offering each other seedling-provocations in a movement studio, to inviting authors to contribute and bringing them together in discussion, to editing and crafting the book as a coherent narrative. This presentation will illustrate this process of bringing together the wide and diverse range of embodied practices and research that are embedded in the book and we invite discussion about the imperative of creative bodies in therapy, community and research.

EADMT Science Café is organised by Research working group:


Antonella Monteleone, Eduard Martin Colomer


Elina Cauna, Ana Coimbra Oliveira, Pauliina Jääskeläinen, Mari Mägi, Loredana Larionescu, Nira Shahaf, Rozelien Callaerts, Rosemarie Samaritter, Silja McNamara, Mette Schmidt