Antonella Monteleone

non-delegate Working Group Member
DMT Professional Qualifications
DMT – member APID   – senior practitioner    accredited for teaching and supervising; teacher of Authentic Movement
DMT Training program attended
Art Therapy Italiana; first international training in A.M. with J. Adler 
Academic titles and professional experience
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Padua (1980, Italy) / Diploma in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Art Therapy Italiana A.T.I. (1990, Italy) (directors Arthur Robbins, Debra Mc Call, Mimma Della Cagnoletta, Maria Belfiore) / Post-doctoral diploma in Analytical Psychology, member junghian A.I.P.A. (Italian Association Analytical Psychology) since 2000 and I.A.A.P. (International Association Analytical Psychology) from 2016 / Psychologist Psychotherapist, full time manager in N.H.S since 1980 / Teacher and supervisor in Training Programs in Art Therapy Italiana and other DMT Programs and Institute for Expressive Psychotherapy  / Private practice in clinical psychology, psychotherapy and supervision